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And yet, you know how overwhelming and confusing it can be. Which solutions are the right ones for you and your dreams? How can you be sure you’ll be in the right position for life’s changes?


Let’s plan for it. Because so much is possible with a strategic, consistently implemented plan, we’ve created a proprietary method called The Smart Decision ProcessTM. This method ensures nothing is overlooked while creating a dynamic model for making smart decisions based on your most important objectives and values. Simply put, it allows for flexibility and diligence in achieving your goals throughout the planned and unexpected developments in your life.


Additionally, you’d like the kind of financial advisor whose integrity and character would be good enough for his or her own mother. As a comprehensive fee-only financial planning and fiduciary firm, we do not have ties to other financial institutions, and you pay us no commissions. We’ve found this to be the perfect way to act in your best interests.


We’re here for the long-term with you. Ultimately, to be there to see you living that life of your dreams.

We’re planning your success.


Rick Epple, CFP® 952.470.5049 (Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area - Nationally)


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The Affordable Care Ace, SNODENT, Industry changes, PPO's, & Yearly CDT changes will impact YOUR office in the immediate future. Being prepared ahead of time is the key! Offices that are aware of these changes will weather the storm just fine.

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