“The essence of investment management is the management of RISKS, not the management of RETURNS. Well managed portfolios start with this precept.”

— Benjamin Graham

A key component of your financial success is managing your investments in the context of your goals and your tolerance for risk. This important step, which many fail to take, requires a detailed understanding of your current, comprehensive financial plan.

Our disciplined approach removes emotion from investment decisions at a time in our world when emotions are running high. We place our process above opinion and attitude and regularly make decisions to dynamically manage risk within your portfolio.

While no system or financial planning strategy can guarantee future results, we have developed a disciplined Investment Process designed to:

1. Position for growth while dynamically mitigating market risk to help you save and invest FOR retirement and

2. Help to preserve wealth and create income IN retirement.

Growth Potential for Those Saving and Investing for Retirement

For those accumulating wealth and investing for retirement, we create a custom portfolio according to both your goals and the trends in the market. Our objective is to take advantage of market movements by staying invested and designing an efficient, diversified portfolio which both preserves your assets and helps fuel growth.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you:

  • Create and proactively manage an investment portfolio based on your goals for retirement,
  • Benefit from transparency, liquidity, and low cost as appropriate criteria for choosing components of your portfolio, and
  • Capitalize on the power of markets for growth with a disciplined, risk balancing process.

We believe it takes a specific planning expertise, process, and trusted advisor/client relationship to help fund your lifestyle and the unknowns of retirement from the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating.

Wealth Preservation and Income to Fund Your Lifestyle in Retirement

For those in retirement, we structure your nest egg to help create the long-term growth potential you will need for the future and to fight the eroding power of inflation. We also set up the short-term income streams you need to fund your lifestyle.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you:

  • Transition into retirement and manage your portfolio through the retirement years,
  • Balance the need between short-term cash ow and long-term preservation and growth, and
  • Develop a long term income stream that is tax efficient and unique to your circumstances.

As you will see in Step 5, your financial and investment plans are not “set once and forgotten.”



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Your Guide to Financial Independence

Rick Epple, CFP(r)