About Aurochs Financial Group

Aurochs were large wild cattle. They remind us to be forthright and strong, yet cautious. Your personal financial plan requires stewardship. To succeed, it must be guided by more than the economic cycles of the bull and bear market. You deserves a financial guide that will listen, be realistic and advise you with your best interests in mind. Our core values are behind everything we do.  These include:


Our team practices truly comprehensive financial planning, meaning we will carefully examine your entire financial situation and identify strategies for you to successfully achieve your vision.


As a fiduciary, we’re required to act with undivided loyalty to our clients. This includes disclosure of how your financial advisor is to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.


Our team is focused on you and on your personal financial situation. As fee-only financial advisors, we are committed to carefully recommending a prudent course of action that is strictly in your best interests.


We are not tied in any way to a firm or service. Our independence allows us to make recommendations based on your unique needs. Our focus is to provide you with the very best advice available.

Fee-Only Compensation

This model minimizes conflicts of interest. As fee-only financial advisors, we only charge for our advice and ongoing management. No other financial reward is provided by any other institution, which means we do not receive commissions on the actions we take on your behalf. Compensation is based on fees paid directly by our clients. In essence, we sell only one thing – our knowledge.


As a NAPFA Registered Financial Adviser, we were required to undergo a thorough review of our credentials, experience, and knowledge to ensure we have achieved the highest level of financial planning competency available in the industry.

A short video about What We Do:

Second Opinion Service

Our complimentary second opinion offer is available for potential clients that would like to benefit from one of three outcomes: a confirmation that your existing investments and financial plan are on target with your current advisor; the offer to become a wealth management client of ours; or we’ll offer suggestions to improve your current trajectory towards your financial goals. Since we only limit our services to a select few households that we can make a significant impact on, it is important that we only onboard households that have the financial complexity to warrant our comprehensive approach.
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