AFG Succession Plan Letter

Dear Client,

Over the years we have worked together, I have emphasized the importance of setting goals and developing a plan to realize those goals. Effective planning is truly the cornerstone of your financial future. It is my privilege to be your chosen professional partner in planning and I look forward too many more years of assisting you and your family as you work towards your financial dreams.

An important part of our work together is assessing risks and providing solutions in the event we have to deal with unexpected issues. As a sole practitioner, I have been keenly aware that if something were to happen to me, it would create a challenging situation for you and your family.

After a significant amount of due diligence, I am pleased to say that I have found a firm that I feel will do an excellent job replacing me if I am no longer able to advise you. I have had agreements in place with local advisors since 2007, but in reviewing options, I am changing to a firm that has experience helping advisors with this type of situation.  We are philosophically in sync. They have a deeply experienced investment team and their advisors are among the best in the field. This is the firm we chose to take care of my family if I was unable to do so.

I have entered into an agreement Pinnacle Advisory Group where they will offer a smooth transition and provide you with immediate support for your planning and investment management needs. They have agreed to keep Krista and Crystal in place to help for at least twelve months and hopefully longer.  Pinnacle will provide the support they need to continue your planning.  Please complete and the enclosed Privacy Release that will allow Pinnacle to access your personally identifiable information (“PII”) and your account information in the event of my death/disability.   We will keep these documents on file and only provide to Pinnacle at my death or disability.  This would be needed for Krista and Crystal to continue to help you after my death/disability.

Some of our clients have specifically asked who would be here to assist them if I was unable to do so. I am sure many more have thought about it, however, may have been uncomfortable asking. I am pleased to have found this excellent solution and I am hopeful that it eases your mind regarding this matter.

Thank you for being a trusted client and friend. I look forward to many more years of service and time together.  I want to give clients a great fit as an option to continue their planning should I die or become disabled unexpectedly. Not that I am planning on this happening anytime soon!!  As I do with your planning, I need to cover the what ifs as well.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take care,
Rick Epple, CFP®, CeFT®