I know there are many of you that are worried about the run up in the stock markets. I want to share my investment philosophy with you. There has been a major run-up in US Stocks, with a lot of the momentum based on tax and regulation changes that the Republican party want to implement. We all know this run-up won’t go up forever, which means there is a correction looming somewhere on the horizon. The timing of when it drops is impossible to predict-will it be tomorrow or three years from now? If we tried to “time” the market, we would have to be right on two decisions: When to get out and when to get back in. All research suggests that we need to stay invested through the ups and downs. This is what your plan success assumes we do.

I will continue to re-balance your portfolios to force us to buy low and sell high. For those of you who have been with me since the major dip in 2008, you will remember your plan success didn’t change all that much during the historic drop in the markets. Current expenses, expenses in retirement, how much you save, how long you work, etc. all have a much bigger impact on your long term plan success. If you have questions or want to discuss, please let me know.

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Rick Epple, CFP(r)