Most women we meet go through the accumulation phase of life without a defined strategy to fund both their annual expenses and their long-term needs. They have not charted a basic financial course that will balance their life today with saving and investing for the future.

Performing a basic projection far ahead of your expected retirement date is ideal. The numbers may reveal that you can fund everything you want today and your retirement as well. Or, perhaps, they will show that you can make simple choices today that will help you avoid running out of money during retirement. This analysis may put your mind at ease.

Avoiding the serious missteps can help to provide a better chance for a long-term financial future and eventual retirement that meet your desires. But more needs to be done. And most people we meet don’t have the time or desire to understand and put together all the pieces of the puzzle of creating and managing a complex financial and investment plan.

In addition, a major benefit of working on an ongoing basis with a financial planner is they will help you keep the plan up-to-date so that your investment strategy stays in sync with your financial situation, and financial issues are addressed as they arise.

For example, our clients have access to an online portal so they have an up-to-the-minute snapshot of where they stand, and we can quickly make any adjustments to your plan or investments if your situation changes.


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Your Guide to Financial Independence

Rick Epple, CFP(r)