At Aurochs Financial Group, a firm helping residents of Eden Prairie, MN, we help our clients through transitions.  Rick has studied to become a Financial Transitionist®.  Financial Transitions Planning is a new expertise that has been created after over a decade of research and development with people going through major life events. Successfully managing financial transitions is challenging and complex.

If you had to list all of the things you learned about and learned to do since you were a child, your list would be very long. It would be filled with physical tasks, like riding a bike; social tasks, like how to behave at a dinner party; mental tasks, like remembering names of people you’ve just met; and even financial tasks, like balancing a checkbook. But one thing that hasn’t been on any of our lists is how to deal with change. And ironically, not one person watching this will be able to avoid change.

We will all experience at least one major life transition, and the likelihood that we will experience more than one increases with age. Whether it’s inheritance, retirement, divorce, recently being becoming widowed, or the sale of a business, transitions thrust us into a position where what we considered was stable is suddenly in flux. And depending on your mindset about change and your experience up until your next moment of change, that’s either exciting or terrifying.

Through my training, we understand how widows manage change. We understand human transitions on their deepest levels.

Financial Transitionists® know how to help keep you safe if you’re feeling vulnerable, and challenge you to even further enhance your experience if you’re feeling strong. 

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