With more than half of the world’s Web traffic now coming from mobile phones, a seamless mobile experience is a must-have for businesses that want to connect with clients. And with the growing number of devices available to access the Web, providing a seamless experience across devices is crucial. eMoney understands that clients need a modern, intuitive and unified user experience that provides the same features and level of responsiveness whether you are using your phone, tablet or personal computer.

Here’s how to access the emX Mobile Experience.

  • From the Client Website, click the “Learn More” link on the lower right in the module labeled “Mobile.” A box will appear which prompts you to enter an email address (you may do this on behalf of your client, or your client can access this independently at any time).
  • Once you enter an email address and click “Send,” the recipient will be sent a link from notification@emoneyadvisor.com which they may click to open from their mobile device.
  • They can then log in, are given the option to set a quick-access PIN for future mobile logins, and have full access to their Client Site.

You can now upload documents directly from your phone to your secure vault!

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Rick Epple, CFP(r), CeFT (r)