Being an executive can be akin to taming wild horses. Some days you can barely hang on, some days you do not want to even get on, while on the best days you exercise your courage, skill, and determination to get the job done. The last thing you need as an executive is to face turmoil in your financial planning and investment management. Our goal is to simplify the achievement of your financial goals so you can pour everything you can into the success of your company.

At Aurochs Financial Group, our job is to help executives put a plan in place that ensures the achievement of their most important financial goals. A plan that allows them to live their life with purpose and matches their values. We help families make smart choices with their money. We are comprehensive financial planners and comprehensive wealth managers. We are not commission based. We are fee-only. It is a unique approach. Ask us about it—we’re happy to explain the benefits!

Second Opinion Service

Our complimentary second opinion offer is available for potential clients that would like to benefit from one of three outcomes: a confirmation that your existing investments and financial plan are on target with your current advisor; the offer to become a wealth management client of ours; or we’ll offer suggestions to improve your current trajectory towards your financial goals. Since we only limit our services to a select few households that we can make a significant impact on, it is important that we only onboard households that have the financial complexity to warrant our comprehensive approach.
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