We are the financial planner Minneapolis can count on!

At Aurochs Financial Group, the financial planner Minneapolis can count on, our job is to help our clients put a plan in place that ensures the achievement of their most important financial goals. A plan that allows them to live their life with purpose and matches their values. We help families make smart choices with their money.

  • We are a comprehensive wealth management firm and financial planner Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding area can count on.
  • We are not commission based or fee-based.
  • We are fee-only.
  • We are a fiduciary for our clients (always acting in their best interests) => This is different than 98% of the people who call themselves financial advisors.
  • We not only look at our client’s entire financial picture to help put together a plan that makes sense for them.
  • Ongoing attention from a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) who looks after the details of your plan.
  • It is a unique approach.

Financial Planner Minneapolis Services

Benefits of our Financial Planner Minneapolis services:

  • Save time: Spend more time with family while we attend to the details of keeping you on track toward your goals.
  • Overcome inertia: Start building financial security by letting us put your plan into action for you.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that a trusted professional is looking out for you and acting in your best interest.

Ongoing wealth management helps you in the following areas:

  • Financial planning for your most important goals including retirement, college, etc.
  • Career Coaching for job changes including the transition to retirement.
  • Ongoing attention from a Certified Financial Planner™ who looks after the details of your plan.
  • Proactive assistance with the paperwork, deadlines and administration necessary to keep your plan on track
  • Updated plans that reflect substantial changes in your life or your financial situation
  • Professional management and guidance of all your investment accounts, even your 401k, 403b and 529 plan
  • Institutional-grade investments from leading fund families including Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA Funds)  www.dfaus.com
  • Cash Flow planning to determine savings programs and for enjoying retirement with a well thought out plan for spending.
  • Tax Planning to reduce the impact of taxes and the creation of an annual tax packet to give to your tax preparer.
  • Liability and Debt Planning to achieve goals for debt payoffs and put a plan that makes sense. 
  • Client Aging Planning to carry out your wishes for aging gracefully and for end of life. 
  • Client Loss Process to help widows and make sure they are ok financially and guide them through the grieving process. 
  • Insurance Planning Yearly update of insurance needs, including assistance with ”shopping” for coverage.  Ultimately the “right” coverage for the premium dollars.
  • Business Planning to review both personal and business to make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities.
  • Estate Planning to identify your wishes for your family and then work with the attorney to the proper plan is in place and implemented. 
  • Gifting Strategies to transferring wealth to your heirs and/or fulfilling charitable goals. 

If you are looking for help from a financial planner Minneapolis, MN area, contact us at 952-470-5049. Aurochs Financial Group is a Fee Only Financial Advisor and NAPFA member serving Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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