We have used Dimensional Funds (DFA) in our client’s portfolios since I started managing investments for clients.  We continue to recommend DFA funds due to our research. 

With my engineering background, I was drawn to their research based approach to investing and trading.  DFA recently came out with the following short videos that gives  a sense of the firm’s history, philosophy, and unique approach to investing.

In Why I Use a Financial Advisor, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French discuss the importance of wealth management and the value an advisor brings.


“I use a financial advisor and I always say it’s the best check my wife writes every quarter.”
–Kenneth French
“I don’t think I need much help with the portfolio management part of it. It’s much more about estate planning, taxes, legal issues that crop up. Just sort of a quarterback—and some of those are going to be hard to replace with the robo-advisor. . .” ?Kenneth French


In What Keeps You Excited, Ken French talks about the most rewarding aspects of his work.


“It’s just fun to do research, learn new stuff, and potentially have an impact on the way other people are thinking about the world.”
“My goal is not so much to teach the facts, but to change the way they’re thinking about the world. And if I can do that I feel like, ‘OK, I’ve really succeeded here.’”
“Our (Dimensional) clients are always intellectually curious, they always want to understand their environment, they always want to know what’s the right thing to do.”


In How We Design Portfolios, Ken French explains the key objectives that shape Dimensional’s approach to portfolio design.


“What we want to do is minimize turnover . . . give the trading desk lots of flexibility . . . being tax sensitive.”
“We’re trying to deliver the tilts, but without churning the portfolio, wastefully spending on all sorts of transaction costs.”

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Rick Epple, CFP(r)