Investment Approach

We believe in a disciplined approached to long-term investing to achieve your financial investment goals that incorporates the following:


We use Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) institutional grade funds, developed by leading US Economists Ken French and Eugene Fama. Learn more about this approach at


We tailor your asset allocation to reflect your risk tolerance. We meet with you regularly to discuss your investments and changing needs.


We build diversified portfolios that avoid the concentrated risk of betting on any one industry, company or geography.

Disciplined Re-balancing

This takes advantage of scaling back on assets when asset values are high or increasing investments when values are low.

Tax Management

For your taxable accounts, we employ a variety of strategies to minimize taxable income and realized gains.  This also extends to which accounts to choose to save in and IRA to Roth IRA conversions to help with taxes in the future.


We believe in minimizing the internal expenses of investments, the taxes related to your investments, and our investment management fees. The weighted average internal expense of the DFA funds that we use is .30% (compared to the industry average of .99%) and there are no sales loads.

We will prepare a custom Investment Policy Statement that formalizes how your investment assets are managed by us.

What Is Different about Dimensional Funds?

Learn more about our approach and work with Dimensional Funds. Aurochs Financial Group works to provide an objective, independent voice that is client centric. The videos below will provide background to better understand why we use the funds in our clients portfolios.

Access to shares in the Dimensional team’s funds are only available to institutional investors and through select independent fee-only advisors. Aurochs Financial Group is authorized to make these available to its clients.

Dimensional Funds –
A Foundation Built on Great Ideas


Dimensional Funds – The Evolution of Indexing and Dimensional


Dimensional Funds – Eugene Fama on Modern Finance

Dimensional Funds –
Common Purpose

Dimensional Funds – David Booth on Global Diversification

Dimensional Funds – Implications of Investor Behavior

Dimensional Funds – The Seductive Nature of Fat Tail Distributions

Dimensional Funds –
Evolution of Investing

Dimensional Funds – The Power of Professional Advice

Second Opinion Service

Our complimentary second opinion offer is available for potential clients that would like to benefit from one of three outcomes: a confirmation that your existing investments and financial plan are on target with your current advisor; the offer to become a wealth management client of ours; or we’ll offer suggestions to improve your current trajectory towards your financial goals. Since we only limit our services to a select few households that we can make a significant impact on, it is important that we only onboard households that have the financial complexity to warrant our comprehensive approach.
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