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Rick Epple, CFP® demonstrates skills to

 Help clients through life’s major transitions

Wayzata, January 28, 2016 – Rick Epple, CFP®, completed the Sudden Money® Institute’s (SMI) One Day workshop. Rick  is continuing in a course of completing the requirements for becoming an Accredited Sudden Money Institute Advisor.

Advisors working through the multiple levels of SMI training are able help their clients and their communities with their unique blend of SMI’s demonstrated planning protocols. These techniques combine financial planning skills with cutting-edge research in neurology, sociology and psychology. SMI advisors are able to help clients with the human experiences of major life transitions as well as the facts and figures.

“With the skills I’m developing in the Sudden Money® training, I can help my clients move through major life-changing events more confidently,” said Rick.  “Together we can plan the next chapters of their lives and they look to the future with great pleasure and anticipation.”

The techniques taught by the SMI aren’t addressed in traditional financial advisor training. SMI has developed specialized tools and protocols that use proven planning models to help advisors coach their clients’ through life-changing financial transitions.

About Rick Epple, CFP®

Rick is the founder and president of Aurochs Financial Group, a comprehensive fee-only financial planning and fiduciary firm in Wayzata, MN, also serving clients nationally. He aims to help clients live the life they choose through the accumulation and conservation of their financial resources.

Having his client’s best interests at heart, Rick enjoys long-term relationships with his clients, ultimately to be there and see them achieve their most important objectives in line with their most important values. Based on a desire to provide the most thorough goal-oriented planning, Rick developed a proprietary system called The SMART Decision Process™. This investigative and planning tool allows for flexibility and diligence in achieving objectives throughout future life changes.  For more information visit:

About The Sudden Money® Institute:

The Sudden Money® Institute is known as the national leader in financial transitions planning, tools, strategies and practice management. While “transition” is the now one of the most frequently-used words in the financial services industry, SMI was an early pioneer in this arena. Founded by Susan K. Bradley, CFP® in 2000, SMI began developing processes and protocols that involve understanding a client’s emotions and actions during life and money-changing events. SMI has more than 70 accredited advisors are experts in the art and science of transition and the optimal way to guide clients through life-changing times. For more information visit: