At Aurochs Financial Group, a fee only financial advisor serving Maple Grove, MN residents, our job is to help our clients put a plan in place and through life transitions that ensures the achievement of their most important financial goals. A plan that allows them to live their life with purpose and matches their values. We help families make smart choices with their money.

 The Financial Transitions Planning process involves the blending of your personal goals, beliefs, and dreams with your new financial position. A major financial change, whether it is new wealth, more liquidity and responsibility of old money, or suddenly less wealth, has the potential to change the way you live your life. We specialize in helping widows as they transition to a new stage in their life both emotionally and financially.

Sometimes it is a serious life event that results in a new financial position and sometimes it is the new financial position that triggers the life event.   Either way, transitions are typically accompanied by a new financial position and the necessity to make long term decisions, even while you are feeling unsettled and unsure.

A transition is a time of change—“what was” no longer exists and “what will be” has not yet taken shape. By definition, a transition is a temporary state. One of the keys to a successful transition is to re-anchor yourself, take the time to reexamine your sense of purpose and consider your new choices in light of your highest life goals.

As you enter the early stage of a Life Transition event, you may at times feel overwhelmed and disoriented—wondering what decisions to make first. A successful transition takes time and commitment and will result in a greater feeling of confidence and purpose.

The presence of new income and assets opens many opportunities; it is up to you to consciously decide how to use your money to benefit yourself, your family, and others. If you find yourself having a broad range of choices, you may be experiencing an equal range of emotions.

As we work through the Financial Transition Planning process we will work to reduce the confusion and help you regain the clarity and control you’ll need to navigate the complexities and safely build the next phase of your life.

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