Aurochs Financial Group, a fee only wealth management firm helping residents of Minnetonka, MN. What’s so tough about Financial Transitions?  Well, when money changes life changes. Sudden Money either triggers a life transition event or is the result of a life event.  The events  I ‘m talking about don’t happen every day but they are considered a normal part of life  – events like retirement,  divorce, losing a spouse, inheriting money,  maybe selling a business.   

The real question is, ‘If these events are common to all of us, why are they often so tough and last for so long?’  The answer is because they all involve managing change and change can be very stressful. When we are stressed we can regress – neuropsychologists call it “cognitive slippage.”  What that means is our capacity for clear thinking, problem solving and making good long-term decisions is at a low point, and this is why there is a strong tendency to make regrettable decisions during life transitions.  This can happen to anyone. Even the most sophisticated and well educated, regardless of gender, age, culture or past experience. 

Our solution to this dilemma begins with understanding that there are two sides to the money: the technical side and the personal side.  We believe that both sides are equally important and equally complex, but the personal side is what drives decision-making. And it’s also the side where the stress response shows up.  Emotions can get turbulent, relationships can get strained, attention spans can be short, and we can feel too overwhelmed to think clearly.

When you try to manage life events from the technical side, things get messy and uncomfortable for everyone involved. What makes our process unique and so valuable is that it begins on the personal side and then integrates with the technical side.   Using our Financial Transitions Planning model, we can discover and accommodate the complexities of the personal side and then build the connecting bridge that integrates it with the technical.  Our process provides the missing element, allowing for more comfortable, productive and ultimately successful life transitions.

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