I’m Rick Epple, Founder and President of Aurochs Financial Group LLC which helps clients in the Plymouth, MN area.

My wife, Madalyn and I were clients of a fee only financial advisor in San Diego before moving to Minnesota. From my early involvement in Junior Achievement during High School, opening my own business was a goal that was very important to me.  After a career in Engineering, I started exploring business options in 1995, and with feedback from our financial advisor, we decided that my becoming an independent fee only wealth manager made sense for us.

We started building a cash reserve and I left my company in 1999.  I took two years to become a stay at home Dad and at night studied for the Certified Financial Planner education requirements.  I opened the doors to my company in 2002.

Our firm’s slogan is “a fee only financial transition that helps clients figure out retirement.”

When we sit down with a client, the whole process starts with figuring out the goals and values of our new client and where they are at.  From there, we work to develop their personalized wealth management plan.

From a planning standpoint, we look at all areas of a client’s finances. This includes cash flow, debt, investments, estate, college, tax, charitable giving and insurance planning.

We also have developed a client long life process, which makes us unique. We help make sure clients are prepared financially to age gracefully and independently. Another unique part of our service is how we help clients, especially widows, who have suffered a loss of a loved one.  Not only do we help figure out the financial puzzle, but we assist with the grieving process as well. 

I developed a process framework called the Smart Decision Process to make sure nothing is overlooked for a client. We do a lot on the implementation side, and help clients put the plans we’ve created into motion.

If a plan sits on a shelf, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Once a client makes a decision, we help them implement.

Things change over time, including tax laws, estate planning laws, health, and even goals, so we also make sure to adjust our client’s plan as needed.  Changes are why our ongoing wealth management service is so critical to our clients.

We not only focus on the financial side, but we also look at a client’s passions in retirement to ensure they have a fulfilling and happy retirement.

If you are looking for fee only wealth manager in the Plymouth, MN area, we can be reached at 952-470-5049. Aurochs Financial Group is a Fee Only Wealth Manager serving Plymouth, Minnesota. 

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