Your Money Program, Sirius Business XM Radio, June 21, 2016 – First national radio appearance by Rick Epple, CFP(r) – Yesterday, I enjoyed my first appearance on a national radio program.  I helped host, Kent Smetters answer listener questions on the “Your Money” program on Sirius XM Business Radio.  I was a little nervous in the beginning, but I enjoyed the experience.  It was nice to hear and help answer different types of questions from people from around our Country.

Laker Newspaper, June 18, 2016 “OLL rolls out new Tuition program” was written by Nicole Brodzik.  Rick Epple was quoted in the article regarding his role as school board member.

Wayzata Readers’ Choice Award, January 2016 – Congratulations to Rick Epple, CFP®  – Aurochs Financial Group for being awarded the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Financial Planner by our readers in Wayzata!  The Readers’ Choice Award is an annual contest that was published online and in the SUN Newspapers.

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, October 2015 – “Practice Profile – Where are they now?” was written by Bridget McCrea.  NAPFA Advisor Magazine checks in with Rick Epple and Aurochs Financial Group, LLC. five years later after Rick was featured in the October 2010 issue.

Deseret News, May 25, 2015 – “Index funds: A low cost way to solid investing performance” was written by Jeff Wuorio.  Rick Epple is quoted in the article.

U.S. News & World Report, December 2, 2013 –“5 Important Year-End Retirement Saving Deadlines for 2013” was written by Emily Blount.  Rick Epple, CFP® was interviewed about his experience and thoughts for year-end tax planning strategies.

NAPFA Fall Conference – Presenter, October 8-11, 2013, Philadelphia, PA, “Solo Session – Boosting Your Solo Practice through Technology Tools.” – Rick Epple presented his practice plan to the NAPFA organization and his steps to provide his clients with state of the art access to their financial plans through the use of private client portals.

Dental Products Report Magazine, April 2013 –Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors, LLC. has been selected by Dental Practice Report magazine as one of the “2013 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists in America” list in their April 2013 edition.

Wall Street Journal, April 2, 2013 – “Don’t Lose Business to Virtual Advisers” was written by Veronica Dagher. Rick Epple, CFP(r) was interviewed and contributed to the article about his experience with working with clients he had never met in person. Click here for the article:

Advisors 4 Advisors, June 8, 2012 – “How A Sole Practitioner Is Scaling His RIA With Client Portal” was written by Andy Gluck. Rick Epple, CFP® was interviewed about his experience in implementing technology into his practice to better serve his clients.

Dental Products Report Magazine, April 2012 –Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors, LLC. has been selected by Dental Practice Report magazine as one of the “2012 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists in America” list in their April 2012 edition.

Smart Money Magazine, September 2011 – “Can Starting a Business Ruin Your Retirement?” was written by Catey Hill.

For older Americans determined to start their own business, advisers recommend starting with a retirement plan; but less than half of small-business owners are covered by one, says Lichtenstein. Owners have four flavors to choose from — Simple IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k) or defined benefit plans. Business owners with no employees should opt for the individual 401(k) or the SEP IRA, says Rick Epple, owner of Epple Financial Advisors in Wayzata, Minn. Blog, August 2011 – “Moody Market – Good Time to Review Risk Capacity” Dentists Planning for Financial Independence” was written by Joan Friedlander.

“I am amazed at the major swings when nothing has changed fundamentally from day to day except people’s emotions.”~ Rick Epple, Epple Financial

Northwest Dentistry Magazine, May/June, 2011 – “Dentists Planning for Financial Independence” was written by Rick Epple, CFP®.  As we complete the first quarter of 2011, are you thinking, I have been working as a dentist for a number of years, and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I am on track for retirement? How do I take control of my future? The following process can be used to start you on your way.…

Dental Products Report Magazine, April 2011 –Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors, LLC. has been selected by Dental Practice Report magazine as one of the “2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists in America” list in their April 2011 edition.

Wall Street Journal Voices, November 30, 2010 – “Voices: Rick Epple, On Tools that Talk (to Each Other)”.  Rick Epple was interviewed for an article about his practice and his steps to provide their clients with state of the art access to their financial plans through the use of private client portals

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, October 2010 – “Changing Gears” was written by Bridget McCrea.  Rick Epple and Epple Financial Advisors, LLC. were featured in the Practice Profile section of the NAPFA Advisor Magazine.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, September 24, 2010 – “Ask questions before trusting financial adviser” was written by Kara McGuire.  I put the question to Rick Epple, a certified financial planner and owner of Epple Financial Advisors in Wayzata.…

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, July 2010 – “Lessons Learned and Applied” was written by Bill Baldwin, NAPFA Chair.  Rick Epple, chair of the Midwest Region, worked with Ellen and our consultant Ben Lewis on a task force that proposed a series of goals and conditions for partnerships. The new document asks detailed questions and sets criteria that will help us assess each opportunity objectively. In April, the Board reviewed and approved their work.

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, June 2010 – “Multiple Channels Can Bring Marketing Success” was written by Kevin Adler.  For Rick Epple, a NAPFA member in Wayzata, MN, delivering top service also has created a strong referral flow.  Coming into the business, Epple focused on business owners, and he now has refined that niche further to dentists.  “We’ve created the Northern Dental Alliance…business experts who work with dentists,” he said. “There are eight of us—an attorney, marketer, banker, lab construction, and so on. We promote online and with postcards, and we go to dental trade shows.”

NAPFA National Conference, May 21, 2010 – “What’s Working Now:  NAPFA Members and Industry Expert, Marie Swift Share Their Best Marketing Ideas”  NAPFA member, Rick Epple, CFP® was a speaker at NAPFA’s National Conference.

FA Financial Advisor Magazine, May 2010 – “Help From Your Friends” was written by David J Drucker.   Rick Epple is mentioned in the article.

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, May 2010 – “NAPFA Links UP with Two New Partners”   “I’m very pleased with the work of the Partnerships Task Force in just its first few months,” said Turf.  “Credit goes to NAPFA members Rick Epple and Greg Phelps, as well as our consultant Ben Lewis.”.

Advisor Perspectives, February 2010 – “Six Ways to Make the Most of your Web Site”  Rick Epple, CFP® was interviewed for an article on web site marketing.  The article was written by Nancy Opiela and during the interview, we discussed various aspects of my website including the implementation of a private portal for each client and the “Smart Decision Process”.

NAPFA Advisor Magazine, December, 2009 – “MIX Groups Get New Members” NAPFA Staff members and MIX Group Liaison Rick Epple have added nearly 50 new members to NAPFA’s MIX (Management Information Exchange) groups.

Hradsky praised Epple for recruiting and reviewing MIX Group applicants so that they could be directed into the appropriate groups.  Rick has done a great job, and has agreed to be our ‘Mix Master’ for 2010.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, November 22, 2009 – “Financial advisers don’t all follow the same rules” was written by Kara McGuire.  Investors also must pay attention to their investments, whether working with a broker or an investment adviser. “The consumer still needs to be diligent. They need to understand the reason for the recommendation, the ‘whys’ behind it,” said Rick Epple, a Wayzata-based certified financial planner who has been involved with NAPFA’s Focus on Fiduciary campaign.

Northwest Dentistry Magazine, July/August, 2009 – “Tax Act Encourages Business Purchases in 2009” was written by Rick Epple, CFP®.

President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) into law on February 17, 2009.  The new law includes significant incentives to encourage equipment purchasing this year. You may be asking yourself, is there any benefit to me? The short answer is “perhaps”. With some quick planning and implementation, you could realize a sizeable benefit.

Minneapolis Star Tribune Video & Blog, April 13, 2009 – “When Suze Orman doesn’t return your calls, what do you do?” was written by Jown Ewoldt.  He interviewed Rick Epple regarding National Association Personal Financial Advisor’s stop in the Twin Cities

Now that Oprah seems to have dubbed Suze Orman, “ the nation’s financial planner,” it’s getting harder and harder to get her to return phone calls. Fortunately, Rick Epple, a certified financial planner in Wayzata, offers guidance to those who might want some assistance. Rick is part of the Money Bus tour coming to the Twin Cities Friday at the Minneapolis downtown public library from noon to 3 p.m. and the Metrodome from 5 to 7 p.m. Epple describes the bus tour in the Dollar Duo video running after noon Tuesday and at

I asked Epple for resources to help people find an experienced financial planner who will take a new client without a six or seven figure savings account. I also asked for resources for the do-it-yourselfer. Here are some of his recommendations…

Doctor of Dentistry Magazine, November, 2008 – “Northern Dental Alliance to Assist Minnesota Dentists” was written by Michael Weber.  NDA was the brainchild of NDA’s two founding members, Rick Epple, Certified Financial Planner with Epple Financial Advisors, and Dick Chwalek, a dental marketing consultant with Niche Dental.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 19, 2008 – “In a crisis, financial advisers also need a hand ” was written by Kara McGuire.  She reviews ideas to improve savings.  She asked Rick Epple and was quoted in the article.

Investment News, July 28, 2008 – “Financials, mortgage bonds still abundant in target funds” was written by Lisa Shidler.  Target date funds were set up as easy solutions to help diversify participants’ portfolios. However, advisers are worried that many participants in these funds might not want to be so heavily weighted in these two sectors.   Investors shouldn’t have more than 5% invested in any one sector, said Rick Epple, a financial adviser with Epple Financial Advisors LLC in Wayzata, Minn.

“The simple answer is, yes, it’s too much exposure,” he said. “That seems extremely high, and I’m sure investors don’t realize what they have in their portfolio.”, July 14, 2008 – “When to terminate a term life policy” was written by Jay MacDonald.  Rick Epple, a Certified Financial Planner with Epple Financial Advisors in Minnetrista, Minn., says many of his clients are couples who hold onto his and her term policies as a sort of “grief insurance” long after its necessary.  “I think it’s a comfort level,” he says. “It’s not a huge multiple (of income) but it’s going to give them a year to recover should something happen.  “When I look at it that way, the cost isn’t very expensive, so to me it makes sense. It’s not, ‘Oh, you’re making this horrible decision!'”

NAPFA Fiduciary Campaign, February, 2008 – Rick Epple, CFP® of Epple Financial Advisors was interviewed by Ben Lewis of Perception, Inc for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors’ (NAPFA) Focus on Fiduciary Campaign (  Rick was asked for his insight and experience in acting as a fiduciary for his clients.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, December 20, 2007 – “More studies reveal that we aren’t saving enough. The question is: What should we do about it?” was written by Kara McGuire.  She reviews ideas to improve savings.  She asked Wayzata certified financial planner Rick Epple.  Start saving $3,000 per year earning 6 percent at age 45 and you’ll sock away $60,000 and have about $120,000 to show for it at age 65. Begin with the same amount at age 20 and you’ll have about $700,000 in 45 years. Yes, you invest $75,000 more in the second example, but look at the bang for your extra bucks. Epple says that without a look at the numbers, “it really is such a hard point to get across.”

NAPFA Fiduciary Campaign, June 2007 – Rick Epple, CFP® was included in an ad that has started running in National consumer magazines.  Rick is very excited to be a part of the effort to get the word out about the importance of working with a financial planner that puts the client’s best interest first.  

NAPFA Advisor, May 2007 – Regions Elect New Leaders
NAPFA’s members elected new board members in region elections in April.  The region board members are:
Midwest:  Rick Epple and Ian Boyce
Northeast:  Martin Hopkins, Lauren Locker, Matt Witzman, and Jon Yankee
South:  Joseph Bedingfield, Cheryl Sherrard (Hancock), and Cathy Pareto
West:  Linda Leitz, Scott Leonard, and Christopher Van Slyke

“The commitment of our members to support the organization with their time and effort is essential to our success,” said NAPFA Chair Dick Bellmer.  “The regions are where many of our important ideas are generated and many new programs are tested.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 15, 2005 – “5 Things To Do With The Cash”  was written by Susan Feyder.  She reviews ideas for graduates to do with the money they receive as gifts.  She asked Rick Epple, of Epple Financial Advisors in Minnetrista.  Epple suggested that health insurance coverage is a priority for new grads.  Epple added that graduates also should consider long-disability insurance to protect their biggest asset – their earning power.

Parents Magazine & Website (, April 2005 – “Can You Afford to Quit Work?” was written by Kristin Davis, she reviews the strategies available to a family to have one of the parents quit work.  She reviews the issues including how to manage the transition:  Still not sure whether you can swing it? Try living on one income for several months while you’re both still working, suggests Rick Epple, a certified financial planner in Minnetrista, Minnesota.

If you have to choose between the two, college savings can go on the back burner. “There are other ways to pay for college, such as work-study programs and student loans,” Epple says. “You can’t borrow your way through retirement.” However, one retirement account that can do double duty is the Roth IRA. You may be able to withdraw from that without penalties to pay tuition bills.

Fortune Magazine & Website (, July 2004 – “Retirement Guide 2004:  The Money Manager: Where to Stash College Savings, Three Places to Invest” was written by Janice Revell.  She reviews three common vehicles that parent’s choose to invest funds for their children’s education.  “It’s a good way to hedge your bets,” says Rick Epple, a financial planner in Minnetrista Minn. when asked why a Roth IRA can be a good vehicle to save for college.

Contributions to Just Give Me The Answer$ – Personal Money Guide Book, (June 2004)  –  Rick Epple recently contributed to a new book, Just Give Me the Answer$: Expert Advisors Address Your Most Pressing Financial Questions (Dearborn Trade Press, June 2004). This book, written by Sheryl Garrett with Marie Swift and The Garrett Planning Network, includes advice from over 100 fee-only financial planners (myself included) on a wide range of topics. This essential money guide, set out in an easy-to-read question and answer format, provides straight answers to your most pressing financial questions.

The Garrett Planning Network, of which I am a member, was founded in 2000 by nationally recognized financial planner, Sheryl Garrett. Sheryl was recently named as “one the most influential people in financial planning” (Investment Advisor magazine, May 2003). Look for Just Give Me the Answer$ wherever books are sold in June 2004! Please visit for more information about the book and the nation’s premier network of hourly, as-needed planners.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Website (, July 11, 2003 – “The Best Bet for College Savings” was written by Cameron Huddleston.  She reviews the previous strategies available for college savings and whether the new tax laws alters those recommendations.  She asked Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors in Minnetrista Minn. for his opinion.  “I still feel 529 plans are an excellent vehicle for saving for college.”   Also, Epple and Konetzny recommend that many of their moderate-income clients use a Roth IRA for college savings.

The Financial Planning Association:  Solutions Magazine, July/August 2003 – Tim Johnson, Editorial Services Manager, interviewed Rick Epple for an article about how local financial planning association chapters can get students involved with chapter activities.  Rick outlined how the FPA of Minnesota Chapter offers three types of scholarships to allow students the opportunity to network and to learn more about financial planning as a career.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, May 2003 – “The New Rules of Saving For College:  Tuition Submission” was written by Kristin Davis, she reviews the strategies available today to save for college.  She asked Financial Planner Rick Epple of Minnetrista, Minn. for help in understanding the ROTH IRA option.  “Retirement savings should come first, Epple says, and the Roth gives a family ample flexibility to decide later how much to tap for college expenses.”

FPA of Minnesota Newsletter, March 2003 – As Director of Career Development, Rick Epple wrote an article for the FPA of MN Newsletter to promoter the FPA internship program.  The article described potential benefits to a firm who hires an intern.  The article also included a listing of the Career Development Committee Members and some of the other activities that are planned.

Money, January 2003 – “Not every relationship has to be a long-term commitment,” says Walter Updegrave in his “Ask the Expert” column. “The question most of us will eventually face isn’t whether we need advice, but how do we get it in a way that works for us?” Do you want an overall plan, some feedback or just one question answered? You might consider hiring an advisor as a problem solver or a sounding board, he suggests. “You’re cruising along just fine when you suddenly face what planners call a “trigger event,” a situation or problem where the financial stakes are so high that even diehard do-it-yourselfers feel the need to consult a pro.” “The trigger for a recent client of Minnetrista, Minn. planner Rick Epple was having to invest the $200,000 profit from the sale of her mother’s home to generate income to help cover her mom’s expenses in an assisted-living residence.”

NAPFA Advisor, January 2003 – NAPFA Advisor Editor, Kevin Adler, interviewed and quoted Rick Epple in his article “Members Launch Two New Local Study Groups”.  Rick provided insights into why he helped start the Minnesota NAPFA Study Group and its vision for the future.

Washington Post, December 19, 2002 – “Color of Money” Columnist, Michelle Singletary, interviewed and quoted GPN Member, Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors LLC in Minnetrista, Minn. in her article “On Long-Term Care Coverage, Adopt an Informed Policy.” This is the second of two articles that Rick helped Ms. Singletary with regarding long-term care insurance.  Rick provided insights regarding where to purchase long term care insurance and helped explain what policy features are available including this tip: When asked how long an elimination period should readers select, Rick suggested the following.  “I much prefer my clients go for the longer elimination period and increase their benefit period,” he said.  If you opt for a longer elimination period, you will need some savings.

Washington Post, December 15, 2002 – “Color of Money” Columnist, Michelle Singletary, interviewed and quoted GPN Member, Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors LLC in Minnetrista, Minn. in her article “Pricey Insurance for the Long Haul.” This is the first of two articles that Rick helped Ms. Singletary with regarding long-term care insurance. Rick provided several key insights regarding the proper use of long term care insurance including this tip: When asked if readers should consider purchasing long term care insurance, Rick responded to the question by saying “I think this is a concern that people really need to be thinking about,” Epple said, “But they have to figure out how it fits into their overall financial plan.”

Kiplinger Personal Finance, November 2002 – “How much financial advice can you buy for $1,000? If you deal with a financial planner who charges a fee rather than a commission, a grand can purchase a fairly thorough annual checkup,” says the writer in Tune Up Your Finances. “Or you can buy an in-depth examination in one or two areas of your finances. With a planner who charges by the hour, $1,000 will get you five to eight hours of time. That’s usually enough to cover two or three areas of concern, such as a portfolio and retirement-plan review, and perhaps college-saving or tax-planning advice. An example was given by the writer:

“For $1,025, Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors, in Minnetrista, Minn., recently completed a more comprehensive plan for a twenty-something couple that included an investment review and recommendations, a retirement-saving plan, college-saving advice (for the two children the couple hopes to have), advice on financing a home, and a review of their insurance policies.”  What $1,000 won’t buy is someone to manage your investments regularly, do complex estate planning or make sure you’re following through on a planner’s recommendations. Find a fee-only financial planner through the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors or through the Garrett Planning Network, whose members charge by the hour for as much or as little advice as you want,” concludes the Kiplinger’s article.

Washington Post, November 21, 2002 – “Color of Money” Columnist, Michelle Singletary, interviewed and quoted GPN Member, Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors LLC in Minnetrista, Minn. in her article “Weighing Life Insurance? Consider All the Variables.” Rick provided several key insights regarding the proper use for life insurance including this tip: When asked if readers should consider purchasing life insurance for a child, Rick restated the reader’s concern that something could happen to a child or that the child could become uninsurable in the future. “You should ask yourself if it’s worth paying insurance premiums for a child for 20 years for something that may never happen. In general, you should buy insurance for a current need,” he said. “While the death of a child would obviously be unfortunate, it is usually not a financially devastating event.”

Garrett Planning Network Website, June 2002 – Rick Epple wrote an article titled “Straight Talk About Fees” for the Garrett Planning Network journalist website.  In the article Rick described how financial planners are compensated and provided valuable advice on what to look for when interviewing a financial planner.

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