Rick Earns His CeFt Certification

I am proud to announce that I earned the designation of Certified Financial Transitionist ® (CeFT®) after two days of testing this last week, and with roughly 100 hours of preparation over the last year.  CeFT®’s are part of an elite community of about 150 advisors willing to make a clear commitment to excellence and continuous learning in the area of Financial Transitions Planning.


The reality is that money is more complex than we generally give it credit for and having a liquidity event or sudden money from a major life transition event magnifies the complexities-much to the surprise of a recipient.  If your friends or family members have experienced a major life change or a money change, they probably have found themselves in a new and unfamiliar time and place. The way life used to work and the expectations that formed their view of the future may have abruptly changed, perhaps permanently.


Transition expertise matters. CeFT®’s are trained in Financial Transition Management. People facing a major life change tend to seek, appreciate and value professional guidance and a proven process to follow.  All of us will go through one or more major transitions in our lives-marriage, divorce, inheritance, raising children, retirement, loss of loved one, new career or job, and yes, maybe even winning the lottery.


While I feel I have been very strong on the technical side of money and planning, I wanted to provide our clients a process to better cope with transitions on the personal side of money, where emotions can drive the decision making. I believe I am well equipped to guide clients through transitions that keep them safe and promote better decision making with the tools and skills I have developed.  Ultimately my goal is to keep you safe if you’re feeling vulnerable, and challenge you to further enhance your experience if you’re feeling strong.


I have already started incorporating the tools and skills into our practice and will continue to do so to improve our process and service.  Would you like to learn more about my Certified Financial Transitionist® training?  Contact us today.