It all starts with a complimentary discovery meeting.  We want to better understand your financial values, goals, and where you are today. Rest assured, we’ll be leaving the past where it belongs, with no judgment, and focusing on what we can do now.

We’ll help you make smart choices with your money. Most families are so busy with their lives, they really don’t have time to carefully consider all aspects of how their finances fit together, much less keep them updated through life’s changes. We’ll help you develop a clear road map to achieve your most important goals, and we’ll keep it in-line with your true financial values.

Ongoing Wealth Management Services

We create and implement a broad-reaching comprehensive financial life plan to help you reach your most important goals. This plan is regularly monitored and updated to reflect changes in your goals, resources, or laws that may affect your plan.

We prefer to start with a plan first. It’s the best way to make strategic, informed decisions.  We’ll then meet twice a year to review the plan so we can check in with your goals and incorporate new information and laws.

While a financial plan forms the basis of making smart choices with your money, the plan is worthless without implementation of the recommendations.  Our clients are busy people and delegate the important work of helping to implement the plan to us.  We are here to implement what we can with your approval, work with your outside advisors if appropriate, work with outside advisors we might recommend, or gently nudge you to action.  All this is under the careful guidance of your Certified Financial Planner.


Managing Life’s Transitions

When your life requires adjustment,

We firmly believe that having the right people on your team can make all the difference. Aurochs Financial Group provides the support to navigate all of life’s transitions. Our specialized training and care will allow you to focus on what is important with the confidence that you have a partner and advocate in your financial readiness.

If you find yourself facing a major life change, please schedule a free consultation. We want to help make the financial process simple and smooth during this time of transition.

Widow Services and Financial Direction

Our primary aim…

With our Widow Services is to provide the space to grieve. We allow for this by creating clear, simple plans to address the most important priorities first. This removes immediate financial worries during a time that is difficult in so many other ways.

Later, we answer the many financial questions common to recent widows with clarity and compassion. Women often find themselves grieving for a spouse while reconciling decades of financial information for the first time. The sudden need for financial independence can be overwhelming. We help you plan, but we also help you build the necessary knowledge to confidently move forward.

Our Widow Services are completely customized based on your specific needs. Services range from basic money management to financial organization systems to estate planning. In the end, we help you understand and simplify your finances so you will feel confident in managing them.

If you are recently widowed and need guidance, please schedule a free consultation. We would be honored to be by your side on this journey.

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Comprehensive Financial Plan

This is a service level for those who prefer to start with a financial plan first before the Ongoing Wealth Management Service or would like to handle implementation on their own.

A financial plan is designed to help the client with all aspects of financial planning. The financial plan may include, but is not limited to: a net worth statement; a cash flow statement; a review of investment accounts including reviewing asset allocation and providing repositioning recommendations; strategic tax planning; a review of retirement accounts and plans including recommendations; a review of insurance policies and recommendations for changes, if necessary; one or more retirement scenarios; estate planning review and recommendations; and education planning with funding recommendations.

Detailed investment advice and specific recommendations may be provided as part of a financial plan. Implementation of the recommendations is at the discretion of the client.

Financial plans are priced according to the degree of complexity associated with the client’s situation and scope of work.

Second Opinion Service

Our complimentary second opinion offer is available for potential clients that would like to benefit from one of three outcomes: a confirmation that your existing investments and financial plan are on target with your current advisor; the offer to become a wealth management client of ours; or we’ll offer suggestions to improve your current trajectory towards your financial goals. Since we only limit our services to a select few households that we can make a significant impact on, it is important that we only onboard households that have the financial complexity to warrant our comprehensive approach.
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