New AdvisorClient® Features and More

TDA continues to enhance the experience and they are happy to announce the following new features:

Deposits & Transfers

In phase one (coming March 8, 2019), all users will be able to:

View existing bank or wire instructions on file
View recurring deposit information
View completed cash transactions (last 90 days)
Future enhancements will include the ability to:
Establish new recurring deposits on existing bank instructions
Enable new bank connections
New Site Reminder at Login (coming March 8, 2019)

To encourage clients to experience the new, TDA is planning to implement a message at login that will give you an opportunity to check out the new site. You will have the option to dismiss the reminder as well as choose to not see it again on subsequent log in attempts.

View Video Here:

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Rick Epple, CFP(r), CeFT (r)