TD Ameritrade knows that more than anything, the experience we give your clients matters. TDA want to provide them with easily accessible account information is paramount, and that’s why AdvisorClient® from TD Ameritrade Institutional is getting an upgrade. Starting November 21, 2019, all new clients will be automatically set up on the redesigned, user-friendly platform.*

This streamlined AdvisorClient experience will allow clients to efficiently access:

   Upcoming cash activity
   Retirement contributions, distributions, and RMD information
   Position level gains and losses sourced from GainsKeeper®
   Tax document e-delivery enrollment
   Balance history chart

Plus, they’ll continue to enjoy secure access to account values, positions, balances, and more on accounts held in custody by TD Ameritrade Institutional, anytime, anywhere.

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Rick Epple, CFP(r), CeFT (r)