Even when people aren’t stressed, they need help making decisions. Scientists in the fields of neuroeconomics and behavioral finance have been exploring how and why we make decisions since the 1990s and they all agree on one thing: human beings are irrational. And by that they mean: we don’t always make decisions that are in our best interest; sometimes we think we do but only because we are refusing to acknowledge facts that would prove other­wise; and sometimes we are fairly certain about why we have made a certain decision, but we are in fact wrong (when, for instance, we’ve been primed or manipulated into the decision).

What all of this demonstrates is that we are often our own worst enemies, and even un­der the best of circumstances we could benefit from the guidance of people who  understand  the nature of what we are  experiencing  and who are trained to help us sort and  prioritize our decisions and actions, as well as  explore and test possibilities. That’s why we at the Sudden Money® Institute call ourselves Thinking Partners.

Again, every person will experience at least one major life event. We have the tools to get through your next transition and to help you through.

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Rick Epple, CFP(r)