Don’t underestimate the degree to which transitions can cause debilitating stress. There are amounts of stress that increase focus and drive and performance, both psychologically and physically. But those amounts also have a corresponding period of time that is optimal. And that period of time is not long. And rest is always needed thereafter. Transitions, howev­er, aren’t marked by short periods of stress fol­lowed by time for recuperation. In fact, they’re marked by chronic stress, they are unpredicta­ble, and they can cause moderate to extreme levels of physical, psychological, emotional and social harm (i.e., isolation). And what’s worse, the individual affected often isn’t aware of their own diminished capacities. People going through transitions need the support of profes­sionals who understand what they’re going through and have tools designed to help them.

People going through life transitions need a Thinking Partner to support and guide them.

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Rick Epple, CFP(r)