As a financial advisor, it’s time to get out of the driver’s seat. This is the most difficult lesson of all, as we were all trained to gather data and provide solutions and timelines to help our clients achieve their goals. But transitions redefine the client-planner relationship.  In fact, they flip it. When we are faced with a client in transition, we have to let that client’s needs and timelines drive what we are doing for them. And for most of us, that’s difficult and uncharted territory.

The territory is how human beings behave during times of transition. In order to best serve clients in transition, we have put in place processes, tools, and training for the personal as well as the technical side of our client’s position. Transitions take years, not months, aren’t always linear, and certainly aren’t following the schedule of a financial advisor.

            Sometimes it’s best for the client to just rest. The managing of              

           time outs is a skill as important as the managing of times of

         decision and action.

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Your Guide to Financial Independence

Rick Epple, CFP(r)