Is claiming Social Security a simple decision? Initially we think the process is relatively easy, right? When in actuality, each person can have thousands of possible combinations, each with a different amount of benefits. Most of us have no idea how important our claiming strategy really is.

Enter Diane Owens…She has helped a number of our clients maximize this important income stream.  We asked her to share her expertise with our clients/friends.

Diane worked 35 years in the Social Security Administration. She is now retired from government work, and helps people make this important decision, especially where it’s customized to their particular scenario.

Her workshop will cover how benefits are figured, how lifetime earnings and age of retirement can affect your benefit rate, and how you can “step up” the value of your Social Security retirement.

You won’t walk away with the particulars for your situation, but you will be much more aware of the large decisions for claiming your social security benefit.

Did you know a hasty social security decision could cost you $100,000?

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