Webinar:  Tuesday, July 14 at 12:00 Noon

Imagine your parent or the parent of your spouse goes into the hospital suddenly, has to stay for 5 weeks, and cannot talk during their entire stay?  How would you handle major health decisions? How would bills get paid?

Studies show that close to half of working couples with parents will be faced with eldercare responsibilities in the next five years.  Yet, most are unprepared to handle even the most basic of financial and healthcare issues.

Many, including our clients and their friends, are asking specific questions about the delivering and financing of eldercare, how to transition assets smoothly, and maintain family relationships throughout  the process.

That’s why while I’ll be leading a new, 60-minute webinar on July 14th at 12:00 noon, Parents, Eldercare, and Money. We’ll leave the jargon at the door and walk you through the key issues most adult children face as their parents age and face significant health challenges.

It will help adult children of aging parents and relatives answer questions like:

– What are the common eldercare planning mistakes and how can you avoid them?

– How can you begin a dialogue with your parents about money, especially if you need to be the one to break the ice?

– What is a proven road map others have used to navigate complex decisions like estate plans, final wishes, medical bills, trusts, and care for parents, even if they live far away?

– What steps can you take to help ensure that your parents are taken care of and not become a burden on your siblings you?

Make your reservation today by calling Julie at 952-470-5049 or clicking here:  http://www.aurochsfinancial.com/event/lunch-n-learn-webinar-parents-eldercare-and-money

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