All the websites/advisors I have reviewed all look the same.  Why should I talk with you?  I know it sounds cliché, but we are different from almost all financial advisors.  Areas that make us unique:

  • We get to know our clients.  Our true “job” is to help clients determine what is really important.  We then guide them on a path to achieve their most important goals in line with their true values.
  • Ultimately, I want our clients to having a fulfilling and happy retirement.  We help put you on a path to get there.
  • We practice true comprehensive planning.  Most firms give this lip service as a way to sell products.
  • We have taken a fiduciary oath.  We are required to work in your best interests.  Because we aren’t selling products, we are able to sit on the same side of the table with our clients.
  • We are a Fee Only firm – You will know exactly what our services will cost.  You will never wonder why we are recommending a product or service.  The only reason will be because we think it will be in your best interest.


Are you ready to create a plan for living the life you’ve always dreamed about?  Contact us today to schedule your complimentary discovery meeting. 

Your Guide to Financial Independence

Rick Epple, CFP(r)